The effects of drug and alcohol abuse are huge. But with a recovery therapy program, it is possible to lead a healthy life. Drug and alcohol abuse can cause strain in family relationships, jobs, friendships, and can impact your health.

Many people suffering from drug or alcohol addiction think they can overcome their addictions alone. In reality, drug addiction is very complex. Even with a strong desire to quit, success often requires professional help. This is because drugs and alcohol actually alter the way the brain functions. The chemicals contained in drugs and alcohol create changes in the brain that actually foster substance abuse on a compulsive level. If you or your loved one have tried to quit unsuccessfully in the past, it is important to know that it is possible to recover, and help is available.

The role of addiction recovery therapy in the entire recovery process is quite important. Without addressing the reasons that led to the initial addiction and understanding how to cope with those challenges in the real world, many patients may find they are vulnerable to relapse. Our drug and alcohol recovery therapists work one-on-one with patients to help them understand emotional addictions that can complicate drug and alcohol recovery.

Regardless of how long you or a loved one have suffered from addiction or how severe the addiction may be, help is available. Contact us today to get the help you deserve and begin the path to a happier, sober life.

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