Attachment is our ability to form emotional bonds and empathic, enjoyable relationships with other people, especially close family members. Attachment issues are most obvious and prevalent during childhood, and are often the result of abuse or neglect. The inability to form healthy, secure attachments is sure to cause disruptions to people socially and emotionally. Attachment is related to trust, emapthy, and self-esteem.

Attachment issues that are left unresolved can interfere with nearly all relationships people form. Children who have attachment issues can benefit from therapy by learning what healthy relationships look like. They can form constructive bonds with caregivers and learn how to cope with the symptoms that resulted from their early attachment issues. Adults who have never addressed the problems they have with attachment surely have seen the consequences in their lives. Whether it is with friends, children, parents or partners, these individuals have carried the sense of loss and yearning into all of their adult interactions. They may struggle with codependency or fear of abandonment and not fully understand why.

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