Developmental disorders affect thousands of people. Mental retardation and the wide range of autism spectrum disorders are just some of the many conditions that can affect a person’s ability to communicate, socialize, think and behave.

Although there is no cure for developmental disorders, early intervention and a customized approach to care can have a lasting and positive impact. Working with your family doctor, speech pathologists, physical therapists, occupational therapists and teachers, our team can provide the support and confidence needed.

Like many conditions affecting the central nervous system, there is no single test to confirm a developmental disorder. Typically, diagnosis starts with a complete medical history and physical exam performed by your family doctor. Once a diagnosis has been confirmed, treatment will begin to strengthen the person’s behavioral abilities. This may include socialization exercises, or behavioral therapy to reinforce and support positive behavior. When combined with treatments such as speech, physical therapy or occupational therapy, these and other exercises can dramatically improve verbal, cognitive and social abilities.

Our specialists know that the diagnosis and treatment of a developmental disorder can overwhelming to adults, families and caregivers. That’s why we also offer confidential counseling services to these important people, too.

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