Separation and Divorce, as with Marriage, is best approached with calm thoughtfulness and care. Is this the best decision? Have we made our best effort to save our relationship? Unless violence or danger is involved, a good rule of thumb is to take careful thought and even soul-searching to make such huge decisions, and to give one’s best to the process.

But if separation is going to happen, the goal can shift away from creating a healthy marriage to creating a healthy, structured separation with the potential for reuniting. Or the goal might shift to creating a healthy divorce. Some of the same skills and awareness can now be used in this direction. With increasing practice and skill, each party gains better potential for a satisfying relationship with a new partner in the future, if that is desired.

Often people fear how this will affect the children. Realistically, it will be a painful loss, and some children may need therapy to help them recover. You can help your children greatly by your efforts to have a “good” separation or divorce (as calm, respectful and cooperative as possible).

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