Sex Therapy is a specialized type of psychotherapy designed to assist individuals, couples, and/or families who are facing sexual difficulties.  Clients who choose to participate in sex therapy meet in the therapist’s office either by themselves or with their spouse/partner(s) or family, depending on the issue being treated.  It is important to know that sex therapy does not involve any physical or sexual contact between client and therapist.

Some of the issues that can be addressed through sex therapy include issues with sexual desire or desire discrepancies, pain during intercourse, orgasm difficulties, erection difficulties, issues with penetration, performance anxiety or other worries about sexual activity, past sexual abuse/unwanted sexual experiences, gender and sexual identity concerns, concerns about sex and disability/changes in health status, concerns about sex and aging, concerns or disagreements about pornography use and/or masturbation, out of control sexual behaviors, and distress about sexual preferences.  It is also common for issues with sex/sexuality to co-occur with other mental health concerns such as depression, anxiety, posttraumatic stress disorder, etc., as well as with other relational concerns such as infidelity, increased conflict, and communication difficulties.

It is completely normal for clients to feel anxious or awkward when starting sex therapy services as many people struggle to talk about sex with anyone, much less a stranger.  Initial sessions in sex therapy are much like initial sessions for other types of therapy in that they start with a variety of questions, both sex/sexuality related and not, about the client’s health, history, symptoms, and specific concerns.  Clients will also be asked about any additional concerns during initial sessions, such as mental health or relational concerns.

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“The body often contains emotional truths that words can too easily gloss over.”

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